Never Have Grimy Grouts Ever Again with This Brilliant Cleaning Hack!


Your floor cannot be a hundred percent clean and shiny if the grouts remain dirty and grimy. Unfortunately, there’s really no fail-safe way to protect the grout from ever going grimy. But you can restore them to their natural beauty with just a few household products and getting down on all fours to scrub the dirt away.

Things You’ll Need:

Cleaning brush

Cotton cloth

Spray bottle with water

Baking soda

Lemon (optional)

Spray water on the grout. Put baking soda next. The mixture of water and baking soda will create a paste that will absorb all the dirt that has accumulated in the grout. Let that sit for about 15 minutes or so. Then spray a little water again and start scrubbing it clean with your cleaning brush. Wipe it dry with your cotton cloth and be amazed with how clean and spotless it looks. Pretty easy, huh? Watch the video and see how she erases all that grime with ease.


Video: Clean My Space via YouTube