The Easiest Way to Grow Tomatoes At Home


Are tomatoes a favorite in your home? It is in ours and we always have a few overripe ones on the counter. What I didn’t know is that overripe tomatoes shouldn’t go straight to the trash bin.

This video from The Wannabe Homesteader shows us an amazing technique of using overripe tomatoes to plant and harvest even more tomatoes! It’s a good way of growing our food and saving up on grocery bills.

Here’s how he did it: He cut an overripe tomato into slices about ¼ inch think. Next, he placed the slices in a pot of soil. He then covered the slices with soil and occasionally watered the pot. In two weeks, seedlings sprouted from the soil. The seedlings were then moved to a bigger pot with enough space to grow.

And that’s it!

Wait for a couple of weeks and you will have your own supply of homegrown tomatoes.


Video: The Wannabe Homesteader via YouTube