VIDEO: Gorgeous Eye-Makeup Tip When Wearing Glasses


If you’re wearing glasses, it’s either you end up wearing too much makeup or none at all. How many times have you carefully applied makeup, only for it to be overwhelmed by your glasses? Yes, the struggle is real. But with this quick and easy video tutorial, beauty blogger and YouTuber Tanya Burr will show us a fail-safe way to do our makeup that will look beautiful and perfect with eyeglasses.

Three things you must remember, though.

  1. Have clean and beautifully arched eyebrows.
  2. Glasses should not hide your eyebrows.
  3. You can never go wrong with a light eyeshadow (cream white or light beige matte), a dark eyeshadow (medium-toned brown), liquid liner, and mascara.

Start with your eyebrows and apply liner if necessary. Move on to your light-colored eyeshadow and apply over your eyelid. And then put on the darker eyeshadow just below your eyebrows, adding depth and contour to your eyes. For the finishing touch, put on liquid eyeliner and mascara. Now you can use this easy and pretty makeup trick every time. Watch how it’s done in this video.