What These Girls Do with Mason Jars is Pure Genius!


If you’re a big fan of mason jars, it should not be a big surprise anymore if you want to decorate every corner of your house with stuff made out of mason jars. Luckily for you, mason jars are not only very pretty and durable, you can also do tons of decorative stuff with them. Just like this mason jar light that you can actually make yourself. This YouTube tutorial brought to us by TheSorryGirls will show us just how it’s done.

Things you will need:

Large mason jar

Cord with socket (you can get one at IKEA)

Light bulb (a skinny one so it can fit inside the mason jar)

Spray paint (optional)

Hammer, pliers, nails

The first thing that you need to do is to trace out the shape of the IKEA cord socket on your mason jar lid. With your hammer and nail, start perforating it with small holes so you can easily punch it out later. Punch a hole in the middle and just tear it out with your pliers.

This next step is optional. You can spray paint your cord socket so that it matches the color of your mason jar. Just cover the part of the socket with some tape if you don’t want it spray painted on.

Punch more holes on your mason jar lid. This time, for ventilation. Light bulbs can get too hot when plugged in, so you want some space for the hot air to escape. And then when that’s done and your spray paint has dried, you can start getting all the pieces together. Watch the rest of the tutorial here.


Video: TheSorryGirls via YouTube