Easy No-Bake Dessert Recipe To Keep Handy For Your Next Dinner


Look at how lovely this trifle cake is!

Can you believe you’ll only need a few minutes to prepare this dessert before popping this inside the refrigerator?

Sarah Carey from Everyday Food wows us with this sumptuous no-bake cake that you can serve on your next gathering. It’s also a fun addition to Fourth of July festivities with its patriotic colors.

Get all your ingredients ready: Raspberries, confectioner’s sugar, orange, Marscapone cheese, heavy cream, salt, vanilla extract, lady fingers, and blueberries. You’ll need an 8-inch spring foam pan to put these all together. Watch the video to know the steps in detail.

Once done, leave this inside the refrigerator for 3 hours up to overnight to allow the cream to form and for the fruit juices to soften the biscuits.

Ready to try this easy-peasy dessert? Tell us about how yours turned out!


Video: Everyday Food via YouTube