These 2 Ingredients Are All You’ll Ever Need to Clean The Drain


If you’re like me, you have one of those chemical drain cleaners safely stowed away for use on days when grease and grime clog up the kitchen drain. When I was looking for ways to get rid of chemicals from my house (because imagine how disastrous it would be when you accidentally spill these cleaners on your skin!), I found this absolutely brilliant DIY video from Colorful Canary.

Who knew that all the things I need for drain cleaning were just sitting right there in my kitchen?

All you need is a half-cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar.

If you’re working with a double sink, put the plug the other drain (the one that you’re not working on).

Next, put a generous amount of baking soda to the drain. Get a cup of vinegar and pour it on the baking soda. Let the mixture bubble up and sizzle. Do other stuff in the kitchen as you let the mixture set for the next ten minutes.

Once the time is up, pour water to rinse away the mixture. Get your stainless steel wool to scrub and remove remaining dirt.

Colorful Canary adds a really nice touch with a drop of an essential oil of your choice to keep odor away.

That’s it! Your kitchen woes are now, literally, down the drain.